How did your MP vote in lockdown tiers?

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MPs across the country today had their say on the new coronavirus tiers which will come into effect at 12.01am on Wednesday, December 2. More than 55 million people will be in the toughest two tiers if plans are approved by MPs. But how did your MP vote in the coronavirus lockdown tiers?

England will begin the new tier system on December 2.

The new tiers were put to a vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday. 

The vote passed with 291 votes in support of the tiers against 78 votes against, representing a majority of 213 votes.

The new tier system will see 23 million people enter Tier 3, 32m in Tier 2 and 700,000 in Tier 1.

How did your MP vote in lockdown tiers on Tuesday?

The Government has a majority in the Commons, meaning there are 85 more Tory MPs than all the other parties together.

Speaking to the House of Commons ahead of the vote, Health Secretary Matt Hancock shared a personal story of loss about his step-grandfather who died on November 19 in Liverpool after catching Covid-19.

Mr Hancock said: “In my family, as in so many others, we’ve lost a loving husband, a father, a grandfather to this awful disease.”

You can find the details of how your MP voted on a range of recent votes here.

A rebellion at the scale needed to defeat the tier system was a near-certain impossibility, especially given those MPs intending to abstain.

The figures from the vote show a sizeable revolt from Tory MPs.

In total there are 364 elected Conservative MPs compared to 200 Labour Party MPs.

Around 56 Tory MPs voted against the Government, making it the biggest Conservative rebellion of this Government.

This surpassed the previous biggest which was 44 Tories voting against the 10pm pubs curfew motion. 

There were 16 Labour MPs who defied the whip and voted against the Government.

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The motion was always likely to pass as the Labour Party and the SNP announced their intention to abstain from the vote.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he recognised restrictions needed to continue, but he was “far from convinced” the new system will work, and economic help for firms was “nowhere near sufficient”.

But Sir Keir said the Labour Party would abstain as it is “not in the national interest” for the party to join Tory rebels to vote against the new tier system.

The SNP said it would abstain as the measures would only affect England.

However, it was not certain all MPs from these parties would comply with this mandate

Closing the debate on Tuesday, the Health Secretary added: “Voting against these restrictions tonight is, in fact, a vote to allow the entire system to lapse tomorrow and I know every member of this House wants to control the virus and no-one wants to see the NHS overwhelmed.

“So support the motion to protect the NHS, support the motion to back the nurses that we all clapped in the spring, support the motion to back the doctors working on our wards every night, support the motion to back the teachers who are working so hard to keep our schools open, and back the care workers looking after the most vulnerable.

“And support this motion to back the businesses that don’t want another national lockdown, because that would be the only alternative.

“By voting for this motion you are supporting all these people and the public who want to see us act together.”

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I beg to move that these Regulations now be approved.

“And I want to begin by telling the House that I was hugely encouraged by a visit I paid only yesterday to a vaccine plant in North Wales, where I saw for myself the vials of one of seven vaccines backed by the UK Government that could turn the tide of our struggle against Covid, not just in this country but around the world.

“It is the protection of those vaccines that could get our economies moving again and allow us to reclaim our lives.”

He added: “So we can’t simply allow the current restrictions to expire for the reason he gives with no replacement whatever.

“With the spread of the epidemic varying across the country, there remains a compelling case for regional tiers in England and indeed Mr Speaker a compelling necessity for regional tiers.

“But I hope the House is clear what I am not asking for today.

“This is not another lockdown, nor is this the renewal of the existing measures in England.”

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