Jenrick heckled as he meets frightened locals

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Mr Jenrick met local MP Natalie Elphicke and talked to families in the suburb of Aycliffe, who said migrants have been arriving every day and trespassing into homes and gardens.

Ms Elphicke said Mr Jenrick heard “first-hand” about the “enormous impact” the crisis was having on the lives of local people.

She said: “They were able to tell him how frightened they were by this experience, their concerns about how regular this seems to be and also about the pressures on the local services that there are.”

Resident Kerryanne Jones, 47, said: “It was very helpful to speak to him to get our point across as a community, of how much of an impact it’s having on people’s normal daily life.”

She said that Mr Jenrick listened to their stories, spoke to them about the situation at Manston and said “things will get easier”.

She added: “But he wasn’t aware of the actual amounts that were coming in on our beach and then on to our estate.

“I think Mr Jenrick was shocked of the impact it’s had on Aycliffe. But he understands from what we’ve told him of how our community is feeling.”

One resident claimed her son was beaten up by a gang of men after she spoke to the media about migrants arriving in the area.

Louise Monger, 37, said police were investigating an attack on her 15-year-old son Marcus.

Ms Monger said she suspects the incident was in retaliation to her speaking out.

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