Joe Biden backlash: Britons furious as US leader snubs London for EU – ‘No friend of UK!’

EU: Netherlands to play 'critical role' for US says expert

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Anthony Gardner, former US Ambassador to the EU, said the Netherlands will play an “absolutely critical role” to “promote key transatlantic priorities” now the UK has left the bloc. But the claims prompted a furious reaction from readers.

Commenting on this website, one blasted: “The US and EU are not our friends. Only the Commonwealth is.”

Another hit out: “Biden is no friend of the UK. He does not like us it’s as simple as that. Let him get on with his posturing.

“It seems he likes dangling the carrot between the EU and UK just to stir up trouble… an attention seeking ploy since becoming president.

“First its a deal with EU, then its UK, then its EU.

“He likes the power and the mind games and mostly the attention.

“He only has the power if we agree to play. I find his antics boring.

“The UK is a hard working and resourceful country and we don’t need the US to make it successful.”

A third added: “Good.. we don’t need to be anyone’s megaphone.!”

Another wrote: “America has no friends just countries they use, equally we have no friends and can’t rely on anybody so have to be more self reliant.”

A fifth commented: “Ha ha! The Germans and French must be fuming that they’ve not been chosen as the US’ special friend in the EU”

One more said: “No big deal at all, who cares what the irrelevant sleepy Joe and his Democrat colleagues think and do.

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“Just don’t call on us when you stumble into a major conflict.”

Mr Gardner claimed the Netherlands will play a key role after Brexit saw Britain cut ties with the EU at the end of 2020.

He told the Centre for European Reform: “The role of the Netherlands has never been more important especially now the UK has left the EU.

“I say more important than ever before to promote key transatlantic priorities from climate change to trade, digital economy, reforming the WTO, promoting humans rights, dealing with China.

“In the old days when the UK was a member, our life was easy in the United States because the UK was our megaphone to some extent within the EU.

“Now they’ve left and the Netherlands will play an absolutely critical role.”

It comes as the EU said it had positive early contact with the Biden administration on trade.

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