Kicking out bad neighbours is too difficult, Conservative MP says

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Ashford MP Lee Anderson says that problems caused by nuisance neighbours fill his inbox of complaints each week. Calling for change, he suggested that MPs are generally not focused on the problem because most of them “live in a big house in a nice street”.

He lashed out at his local council in Ashfield for “foolishly moving local well-known idiots into flats or bungalows next to pensioners”.

He said: “Imagine working all your life and downsizing to a council flat or bungalow to live out the rest of your years, then the council decides to put the worst possible tenants next door.”

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While it is possible to throw people out for anti-social behaviour, a minimum of four months’ notice is needed in the vast majority of cases.

Mr Anderson called for greater powers, saying: “It currently takes far too long for councils to evict nuisance tenants.

“In many cases, the courts are far too reluctant to grant an eviction.”

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