Kuenssberg warns Boris has ‘played right into hands’ of Tory rebels seeking to ‘defeat’ PM

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Boris Johnson’s mistake regarding the new coronavirus rules for the northeast of England may have worked to the advantage of his party rebels, BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg has explained. The Prime Minister had apologised via Twitter after he gave the wrong advice about social gathering restrictions. He is currently facing unrest in the Conservative backbenches as MPs seek to force the Government to offer any COVID-19 law changes up for debate in Parliament.

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Ms Kuenssberg told Radio 4: “What happened with Boris Johnson did actually play right into these rebels’ hands.

“The Government has a problem managing the public’s understanding of a patchwork of rules that change a lot.

“The ministers answer this morning seemed to be, ‘oh just check it on the internet’.

“But most of our listeners would hope that the Prime Minister and ministers would have a firm grasp of the rules that they are asking millions of us to follow.”

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