Liz Truss mocked for time-in-office book plan – More like a leaflet

Liz Truss on ‘new economic model’ taking hold in UK and US

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly approached publishers about writing a biography about her six weeks in office.

Yet a new poll has shown little demand for her memoir, with almost three-quarters of readers not interested in picking up a copy.

An insider told Politico that the book about Ms Truss’s short premiership will be “more manifesto than autobiography”. While another said it is likely to be an “ideological polemic”.

The publication reports that Ms Truss’s spokesman has remained “tight-lipped” about her plans but has not denied the story.

Ms Truss could follow her predecessors in sharing insight into life in 10 Downing Street with Sir Tony Blair and David Cameron previously publishing memoirs, while Boris Johnson has signed a deal to write a prime ministerial memoir “like no other”.

In a poll that ran from 7am on Saturday, April 29, to 5pm on Wednesday, May 3, asked readers: “Will you read Liz Truss’s book?”

A total of 2,836 votes were received with 74 percent (2,093 people) answering “no” compared with 25 percent (701 people) who said “yes” they would. Just one percent (42 people) said they did not know.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers discussed whether or not they would pick up a copy.

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The majority of readers said that they were not interested in reading her memoir, with username popy123 writing: “Why would I want to waste my money and buy Truss’s book?!”

Username Drumadd remarked: “She couldn’t possibly have anything to fill one page let alone a book.”

Similarly, username pinkchill66 said: “A book? Be more like a leaflet, she wasn’t in [office] long enough.”

And username Voice_of_sanity commented: “Anyone that says they will is lying. She is a footnote in history now, a pub quiz answer, albeit one that cost the country billions!”

However, a handful of readers said that they would be interested in ready Ms Truss’s book at a reduced price. Username BSA Richard said: “If I saw a copy in a charity shop for, say, 50p I might possibly read it.”

While username Tjoepstil said: “I’ll probably buy it when it is remaindered.”

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