Look after our pensioners! Blackford doubles-down on pension demands for Indy Scotland

SNP’s Ian Blackford: ‘We will look after our pensioners’

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The SNP’s leader in Westminister has argued on Sky News that if Scotland goes independent they will take care of their own pensions. However, Ian Blackford also told Kay Burley that the SNP would negotiate to ensure the UK Government that Scottish pensioners will be “properly compensated” by the British treasury.

Mr Blackford told Sky News: “One of the things that we will do when we become independent as we will take responsibility for pensions in Scotland and we will use our taxes overseas to make sure that pensioners are looked after and of course, what we want to make sure is our pensioners get a better deal.

“We’ve just seen the removal of the triple lock for example so we will take our responsibilities but of course in these negotiations Kay we want to make sure that when we’re talking about assets and liabilities that will be properly compensated for the contribution that people have made in anticipation of a pension.

“But let me be absolutely crystal clear pensions in Scotland will be the responsibility of the Scottish Government.

“We will look after our pensioners.”


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