MPs urge Jeremy Hunt to ‘be bold’ and reduce fuel taxes

Jeremy Hunt issued warning ahead of new budget

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should be “bold” in his upcoming Budget and seek to implement a significant cut in fuel taxes for road users, several MPs have said. Jonathan Gullis, MP to Stoke-On-Trent has slammed past Governments for “hurting” small businesses and hardworking taxpayers with increased pump prices.

In his critique, he said: “My constituents in Stoke-on-Trent, along with those in the rest of the UK, simply have no choice but to use their diesel and petrol vehicles on a regular basis.

“The current eye-watering pump prices continue to hurt small businesses and hardworking taxpayers.

“With this year’s VAT bonanza to the Treasury from the costs of filling up, a significant cut in Fuel Duty would be appropriate right now so people can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

It comes after a recent FairFuelUK poll indicated that 73 percent of 70,000 road users asked, believe solving the cost-of-living crisis is more important than achieving Net Zero.

Meanwhile, 92.3 percent want a severe cut in fuel duty, 36.8 per cent want a cut of 20 percent or more, and 28.9 percent want the duty scrapped entirely.

However, 78.8 percent of cyclists and walkers, & 68.5 percent of EV drivers want Fuel Duty increased by five percent.

MP Craig Mackinley, chair of the Net Zero Scrutiny said Mr Hunt should “be bold” during Thursday’s August statement.

He said: “The majority of road users relying on petrol and diesel vehicles for day-to-day life need a significant fuel tax cut in Thursday’s Autumn Statement. Be bold Chancellor!”

Mr Mackinley said that a bigger problem at large is inflation, and tax-inflated fuel prices are feeding inflation.

The MP went on: “We are in real danger of sleepwalking into an unnecessary and lengthy recession.

“The mere whiff of one can become self-fulfilling as consumers stop spending.

“I’d agree that inflation is the big fear at present; all may have differing views as to the root cause, but some international reasons are agreed – energy costs with huge reliance on expensive imported energy feeding into supply chains and costs being felt by all households.

“The government has recognised this with the winter energy price guarantee likely to shave 5 percent off of headline inflation. It now stands to reason that tax inflated road fuel prices similarly are feeding inflation.

“I welcome the fact that EVs may now face a new road tax to properly reflect their share of road use and damage but now must be the time for a bold move on petrol and diesel fuel taxation to further reduce inflation, lowering government and householders future interest costs and providing a growth stimulus to the whole economy.”

Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK and Secretary to the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Haulers referred to Net Zero as a “pipe dream”.

He explained the “out of touch” Government must reflect “wisely” that the Net Zero vision is not central to normal, hardworking taxpayers.

Mr Cox went on: “Jeremy Hunt must wake up to the reality, be a real Tory, that consumer tax incentives, not punitive tax hikes, are the only way forward to boosting the economy.

“It does not take a genius to recognise that more money in all our pockets is the route forward out of this needless recession and to pay down the nation’s debt.

“The deluded and arrogant belief that spending trillions will halt climate change should be dumped for a sound sensible fiscal stimulus to consumer spending. Cut Fuel Duty Big!”

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