‘Never get my support Jamie Carragher laughs off Gary Nevilles political ambitions

Jamie Carragher laughs at Gary Neville's political ambitions

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Asked by Nick Ferrari on LBC if he could “support” Mr Neville’s move into politics, Mr Carragher laughed hysterically before saying that the former Manchester United defender would “never have my support”. The pundit, notorious for his friendly rivalry with Mr Neville on Monday Night Football, dismissed his colleagues’ wishes and said he would withhold backing him “in anything that man goes into”. 

Mr Ferrari said: “You talk about people reaching a certain age. Someone you know well, Gary Neville, seems to be reaching the age where he is considering moving into politics. 

“He might even run as mayor of Manchester or an MP. 

“You’re chuckling there, Jamie. Can he count on your support there Jamie Carragher?” 

Mr Carragher said: “He will never have my support in anything that man goes into, I can assure you of that, Nick.” 

Gary Neville announced he had joined the Labour party at the start of this year after posting a host of messages on Twitter slating Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Neville said that he was an “all or nothing” man and should he move into politics, his approach would be no different. 

However, he added that he “did not know what Westminiter’s like” and feared that he could “get eaten alive ”. 

He said: “ I want to support Labour. I do believe that we need a progressive Labour party but one that not just looks after the left side … it has to come towards the centre.”

“I say to myself sometimes ‘I’m able to communicate. I know what I want. I have a business mind, I can manage people.’ 

“But I just think I’d get eaten alive. I don’t know what Whitehall’s like, what Westminster’s like, I can only imagine what you have to do there to survive and I don’t play the game. So how can I get in?

“And When I ask myself the question, do you want to dip your toes in? I can’t dip my toes in because I’m all or nothing. If I’m going in, I’m going in.”

While never speaking in Parliament, Mr Neville has made appearances of a political nature; he spoke to Sophy Ridge on Sky News about further lockdown restrictions in December 2020.

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Meanwhile, the object of much of Mr Neville’s political scorn, Boris Johnson, has claimed today that quitting as Prime Minister over the “miserable” partygate scandal would be irresponsible and denied suggestions he is a “habitual liar”.

He cited “huge pressures” on the economy, the war in Ukraine and his “massive agenda which I was elected to deliver” as his reasons for remaining in post and not seeking to “abandon” ship.

But Mr Johnson is under increasing pressure from Tory MPs to consider his position in the wake of Sue Gray’s report on lockdown parties in Downing Street.

Simon Fell, elected Conservative MP for Barrow and Furness in 2019, was the latest to be reported to have raised concerns and criticised the “corrosive culture and a failure of leadership” that allowed the incidents to happen.

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