Nicola Sturgeon accused of using Covid at every turn as smokescreen for SNP failures

Sturgeon using pandemic as 'smokescreen' for failings says MSP

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Speaking to GB News Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene suggested how a string of leadership failures of the First Minister both throughout the pandemic and stretching back years before are to blame for the spiralling health and numerous other crises, despite what Ms Sturgeon claims, as Scotland sets a new record for the worst A&E waiting times for the fifth time in six weeks.

Mr Greene said: “Every week the issue of the health service comes up at First Minister’s questions.

“As you’ve seen the exchanges are heated to say the least, that is because Nicola Sturgeon is really feeling the pressure – the spotlight is on her!”

The Scottish Tory went on to slam how “at every turn” Ms Sturgeon is using the Covid pandemic as a front and a smokescreen for her government’s failures.

Mr Greene went on to say how many of the decisions that Ms Sturgeon made as Health Secretary have now become “consequences” such as long waiting times in hospitals, a lack of beds for patients needing care and the ambulance ”nightmare”.

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It comes as the Scottish government has been forced to call in the army to deal with a driver shortage as well as tackle extremely long patient drop-off times.

The Scottish government had blamed the pandemic for the shortfalls in delivering healthcare in Scotland. 

It comes as Ms Sturgeon was slammed by frontline doctor and Scottish Conservative MSP Dr Sundesh Gulhane as he accused the First Minister of ignoring warnings from doctors about an impending crisis.

He also accused the First Minister of not admitting reality with the crisis.

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It comes as just 71.5 percent of people visiting A&E in the week to September 12 were seen within four hours.

The figure is a drop from the previous week of 74.6 percent, according to NHS Scotland figures.

1,895 people out of the 27,354 (6.9 percent) who went to emergency departments in Scotland in the week of September 12 waited more than eight hours to be seen. 

551 (two percent) waited more than 12 hours.

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The Scottish Government has a target of 95 percent of patients to be seen within four hours.

While a statement from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine on Monday also revealed how Scotland’s health service is short of 1,000 acute care beds as the crisis plummets to new depths.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told The Scotsman: “Our NHS staff have faced unprecedented pressures over recent weeks as they work tirelessly and consistently to respond to the pandemic whilst continuing to provide vital treatment and optimal patient care.

“We are in daily contact with every board and are monitoring the situation closely.”

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