Nicola Sturgeon embarrassed: Independence hopes dashed as EU cant make promise to Scotland

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The Bruges Group’s Dr Niall McCrae argued there was a key flaw in Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for independence. During an interview with, Dr McCrae said the SNP leader would not be able to win independence and then easily rejoin the EU. He claimed the EU would not be able to promise it would be a simple shift back to becoming a member state due to the objections of Spain.

Dr Niall McCrae said: “The EU has given all sorts of positive messages about Scotland rejoining.

“But in reality that is not going to happen.

“That is because the last thing the EU wants is to be seen to be encouraging successionist movements.

“Spain would be up in arms if Scotland is simply allowed straight into the EU if it was to gain independence.

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“Spain have their Catalan region that would love to do something similar.

Dr McCrae also noted why it was unlikely Scotland would gain a referendum anytime soon.

He said: “In reality, a referendum is going to be many years away if it happens.

“At the moment we have seen a surge for independence in Scotland, polls consistently show over 50 percent in favour of it.

“The SNP is likely to win a majority in Scottish Parliament next year but a referendum is still years off.”

The Brexiteer also outlined some benefits Scotland could expect as part of Britain after Brexit.

He said: “The reality is Scotland is leaving the EU whether Nicola Sturgeon likes it or not.

“Scots will start to realise the benefits of Brexit.

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“Scottish universities are full of students from continental Europe because they are not charged fees.

“If Scotland doesn’t charge its own students fees it can’t charge them for Europeans.

“Scottish Universities will do well because there is a big market in students coming from European countries.”

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