Nicola Sturgeon viciously mocked over latest independence plot – ‘Wake up Scots!’

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Nicola Sturgeon launched a scathing attack against proposals in the Internal Market Bill, warning ministers in Wales were also concerned about it “stealing” powers from the devolved governments. Downing Street has insisted the Bill would provide additional powers for the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish Secretary Alister Jack also argued jobs north of the border would be under “serious risk” without the legislation.

The Internal Market Bill that the UK Government will publish today is a full-frontal assault on devolution

Nicola Sturgeon

The UK Government has stated when the Brexit transition period between the UK and EU ends on December 31, powers will be returned from Brussels to the administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

But a raging Ms Sturgeon tweeted: “The Internal Market Bill that the UK Government will publish today is a full-frontal assault on devolution.

“And to the usual “but the SNP would say that” voices, read the Welsh Government view below, rightly referring to the Bill ‘stealing’ powers from the devolved govts.

“At forthcoming @ScotParl elections, @theSNP will make case for independence. And more and more this is not about independence v the status quo of devolution.

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“It’s about independence as the only way to protect the Scottish Parliament from being undermined and its powers eroded.

“And added to all of the above, this is a Bill that, by the Government’s own admission, breaks international law.

“This UK gov is the most reckless (& to make it worse, incompetently so) and unprincipled in my lifetime.

“Scotland can do better and we will have that choice.”

But this latest plan from Ms Sturgeon was brutally destroyed by several critics on Twitter as she continues her plan for a second independence referendum in Scotland.

One person wrote: “Whatever issues now, independence would be a disaster for Scotland, wreck the UK, economically disastrous but you just want your moment of glory as a PM and power in your racist hatred of the English, held since young.

“Devolution never enough ever. Wake up Scots!”

Another person tweeted: “It’s your own fault. As devolved powers you should have worked with the Westminster government.

“But Nicola you have been downright rude and worked against them on everything. We also don’t trust you.”

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A third person commented: “I just cannot believe the SNP prioritizes the EU and its would-be retention of powers, over the importance of the UK internal market to Scotland.

“It just doesn’t make any sense!!!”

The latest attack from Ms Sturgeon comes after Scottish Constitution Secretary Mike Russell vowed the country’s Government will not consent to the new Bill.

He insisted Scottish ministers “couldn’t recommend consent to a Bill that undermines devolution and the Scottish Parliament, and which, by the UK Government’s own admission, is going to break international law”.

Mr Russell raged: “This is a shabby blueprint that will open the door to bad trade deals and unleashes an assault on devolution the like we have not experienced since the Scottish Parliament was established.

“We cannot, and will not, allow that to happen.

“It will open the door to a race to the bottom on food standards, environmental standards and will endanger key public health policies such as minimum unit pricing.

“It will also deliver a hammer blow to the Scottish economy by making it harder for the UK Government to conclude free trade agreements if other countries think the UK won’t meet its obligations.”

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