Nigel Farage: Mobs of far-Left thugs could run amok in Washington

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The Brexit Party leader and close friend and confidant of the President made the Doomsday prediction on a tour of the capital ahead of election day. In a tweeted video he said: “I can see what’s happening here in DC. “The place is being boarded up. And this is in anticipation of real violence following the result – or even an inconclusive result – of the election.

“Let’s just be straight about this. Why are they boarding up DC?

“What are they scared of? Are they scared of Trump supporters?

“Are they scared of some of these slightly crazy groups out in America? No. What they fear is that Trump wins and that we get from little groups like this, large scale violence, looting, and rioting.”

America has been rocked by social unrest this year, a crisis that intensified after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis in May.

Although many protests were peaceful, others descended into rioting.

Mr Farage, 56, blamed the situation on the “radical Left”. He said: “What we now have got with a new radical Left is a belief they and their views are morally superior to those on the conservative Right. And they are quite prepared, if they get a result they don’t like, to try and overturn it with violence.

“And I fear we’re teaching people that one side’s good and one side’s evil. And that’s leading to much of this process that we see. 

“Let’s hope and pray there isn’t violence in DC on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. But I think you can see from a city that is boarding up that something bad may well happen.”

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