Oh dear, Nicola! Key ally Ian Blackfords Westminster seat at risk in brutal Tory reform

Boris Johnson slammed by Ian Blackford over 'Tory tax'

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Scottish MPs will receive their copies of the 2023 review of Scotland’s constituencies on Wednesday. Robert Hayward, Tory peer and election expert, warned the SNP could face difficulties under the review. Scotland is set to lose two seats in a possible blow to Ms Sturgeon’s grip north of the border.

Lord Hayward said Mr Blackford’s seat could be under threat as it is “under-sized”.

He told London Playbook: “There could, however, be major disruption both for the three Lib Dem mainland constituencies and also Ian Blackford’s seat, all of which are well under-sized.”

The redistribution of seats is set to be confirmed in October 2023.

If the plans go ahead, the Tories are set to be handed an additional 10 seats across the country under the 2023 review.

In the review by the Boundary Commission, Scotland was given 57 constituencies – two less than currently.

There are only two seats which are expected to be protected under the review: Na h-Eileanan an Iar (the Western Isles) and Orkney and Shetland.

Each constituency recommended must have no less than 69,724 registered voters.

As of March 2020, Mr Blackford’s seat of Ross, Skye, and Lochaber had 54,325 registered voters.

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If it is considered necessary, the Commission can recommend a constituency with an electorate lower than the minimum if it is larger than 12,000 square kilometres.

According to the Daily Mirror, the Prime Minister is contemplating calling an early election in the winter of 2023.

However, with the party set to be allocated 10 additional seats, Lord Hayward claimed the Government should delay any early election plans.

He added: “There’s also the consideration that if you go early and people can’t see a reason for it they penalize you.”

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A source close to the Government insisted the party must capitalise on Labour’s difficulties in mobilizing voters, however.

It is also thought the winter of 2023 could be the time when the UK begins to see the changes of the levelling up agenda.

The source said: “Labour struggles to get their people out more than we do which gives us an advantage.

“And we think people will begin to see the results of the Prime Minister’s levelling up agenda with roads being constructed and houses built in the Midlands and the North.”

The Prime Minister has until May 2, 2024 to call a General Election.

After being moved to become Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden informed staff to be prepared to be on election footing.

Mr Dowden said: “You can’t fatten a pig on market day.

“It’s time to go to our offices and prepare for the next election.”

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