Omicron a mild disease but causing mass hospitalisation in unvaccinated – new warning

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Dr Angelique Coetzee told the science and technology committee this morning that while there was clear evidence both those who have received a vaccine and those who have not are being infected, there was clear evidence of protection in those double jabbed.

She highlighted only “mild” illness was being detected among those who had the injection.

Dr Coetzee said: “We know patients get a breakthrough of infections whether you are vaccinated or you get reinfected as well.

“All patients who had been infected before or fully vaccinated, they can still get a breakthrough in infections.

“However, the breakthrough of infections we are seeing at primary health care level are mild, those of mildness.

“And again the symptoms experienced by these people and patients are less severe or intense than the unvaccinated.

“On the hospital level, when patients are admitted, the majority – between 88 and 90 percent – are unvaccinated.”

Just 26 percent of South Africans are fully vaccinated against Covid, but the discrepancy when compared to hospitalisations gives hope that jabs still provide protection against Omicron.

There has been concern vaccine escape from the strain could lead to a surge in hospital admissions that risk overwhelming the NHS.

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