PMQs LIVE: Johnson showdown with Starmer after brutal mobbing – PM injected poison

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Mr Johnson claimed the Labour leader failed to lock up notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile when Sir Keir was the boss of the Crown Prosecution Service. Sir Keir had to be bundled into a police car after being mobbed with insults of “paedophile protector” and “’f***ing traitor” by protesters, with some of the crowd repeating Mr Johnson’s slurs about Jimmy Savile. Mr Johnson has refused to apologise or withdraw his comment. Brendan Cox, husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, said: “If you inject poison into politics, that has unintended consequences and can at times lead over into extremism.”


Archbishop of Canterbury offers veiled reproach of Prime Minister

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has made a veiled reproach to the Prime Minister following his Savile slurs directed at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. 

He said: “When politicians are harassed and threatened it’s a threat not just to the MPs themselves, but to the health of our democracy.

“We must condemn it and stand united against it.”

Nicola Sturgeon takes aim at Boris over Savile snipe

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has criticised Boris Johnson for his comment suggesting Sir Keir Starmer failed to lock up Jimmy Savile when he was the head of the Crown Prosecution Service. 

She said: “If he has a single shred of decency, he will withdraw the comments that he made completely and he willfully, unreservedly, unequivocally apologise.”

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