Put the French in their place! Furious radio host fed up with France dictating to us

French fishermen ‘need to be put in place’ says James Whale

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TalkRADIO host James Whale erupted in a furious rant against French politicians, saying he is fed up with being bullied by the French since Brexit. This comes amid mounting tensions between the British and the French over a series of issues, including migrant crossings, submarine deals and fishing rights. Overnight, France accused the British government of not having paid “one penny” of the £53million it has pledged to fight migrant traffickers in the Channel.

Mr Whale hit out at the French, telling Mr Grieve: “If the French continue to behave aggressively, Dominic, I think we should send gunships over there.

“This might sound over-the-top but I think it is time politicians get on board with the will of British people.”

The former Tory MP responded: “I find the French position depressing. The nosedive in our relations is deeply unsatisfactory for both of our countries.

“But you have to understand the other side. Macron has an election coming up and the fishermen in France are usually a pretty difficult group of people in France.”

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Mr Grieve added: “The view of the UK PM in France is unprintable. He is seen as being rude.

“There is a complete breakdown of trust that comes principally from our Prime Minister and his actions.”

This prompted Mr Whale to fire back: “Dominic, you are out of touch! Macron is an idiot.

“The French fishermen need to be put in your place.

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“They think they can dictate to us exactly what we have to do. We have to show that we are not taking this anymore.”

On Friday, France’s European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune stepped up the tensions by telling a morning news show that reducing electricity to Jersey was no idle threat.

Speaking to BFM-TV, the strong ally of Emmanuel Macron revealed that electricity supplies to the Channel island of Jersey could be reduced as part of a “targeted retaliation plan” against the British.


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He said France will “hold out” and continue to pressure Britain until France gets all of its requested fishing licenses.

The minister detailed other “targeted retaliatory measures” against the UK if Westminster “continues not to apply the Brexit agreement”.

The UK has maintained that it has pursued a “reasonable approach” on post-Brexit fishing licenses, after issuing nearly 1,700 licenses to EU boats to fish in Britain’s exclusive economic zone.

However, French fishermen have warned they could also block the port of Calais and Channel Tunnel rail link if the UK does not grant more fishing licences by the end of the month.

Experts have warned Boris Johnson about Britain’s reliance on electricity from Europe. 

The growing dependence on overseas electricity could leave the country vulnerable to “political blackmail”, citing France’s recent threats.

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