Rayner on the spot as survey shows 1/3+ of Brits still back Boris Reflection on Labour!

Angela Rayner responds to survey showing Brits still back Boris

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A snap YouGov poll found 27 percent of Britons still back Prime Minister Boris Johnson despite multiple allegations of COVID-19 rule breaches inside Downing Street. But asked by Sky News’ Kay Burley whether the results are “a reflection of your party”, Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner said people are entitled to have their own opinion but said Britons have now become wary of the character of Mr Johnson.

She said: “People are entitled to their opinions, people are concerned at the moment, they just want to see things improve for their lives and I completely understand that.

“It won’t come as a shock to many people that Boris Johnson was not the right Prime Minister for this country.

“But I think the general population now and the British public think they have been lied to, deceived too, and are feeling pretty angry and upset.

“And those that have lost loved ones and not able to be there in those dying hours have been let down by a level not expected from a Prime Minister of this country.”

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Boris Johnson still has the support of a majority of members with 59 percent saying he should remain as leader, according to a YouGov poll for Sky News of 1,005 Tory Members.

But 34 percent are calling for the sack, this is up from 9 percent in July 2020.

The number saying he is doing well dropped from 85 percent in July 2020 to 61 percent yesterday.

46 percent think Chancellor Rishi Sunak would be a better leader than Mr Johnson, with a measly 16 percent said he would fare worse.

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