Rishi Sunak makes state pension rise promise ‘It WILL happen’

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The Chancellor said the Treasury will ensure the payments keep pace with any surge in inflation for the one year that the link with earnings is stopped. And he praised the Daily Express for standing up for pensioners on the issue.

“Pensions will go up by inflation and when I talk to people that’s the thing that they’re most worried about,” he said.

“They say ‘please, is my pension going to be protected against inflation’ ‑ I would say yes, it is.

“It will go up by inflation.

“And we have a month where we calculate that and that’s what will happen.

“I think it is an important and good thing about the double lock – it provides that security that your readers and pensioners want and will benefit from.”

He added: “I pay enormous tribute to the Express for being a tireless champion for pensioners, rightly so because they do deserve our attention in government and you guys are always making sure that we’re aware of what’s important to them.

“And I think we took a decision, which I think is, again, it’s a responsible and fair decision.”

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