Sir Keir Starmers speech left with awkward silences as audience fail to clap – WATCH

Keir Starmer pauses Labour speech as crowd applauds

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Those listening to the Labour leader’s pitch for economic growth appeared less than impressed as they sat in silence during his address. The Holborn and St Pancras MP’s bland speech spoke of the priorities for the next Labour government, as he vowed to put “growth, growth, growth” at the heart of his agenda.

He failed to outline any detailed policies and instead used the speech to set out a vague vision for the future.

Breaks in his announcement were met with moments of quiet before unenthusiastic clapping among those gathered in the room started.

In a speech in Liverpool he said: “Our economy is weaker than our competitors, less resilient, brittle and ultimately we are all poorer for it.

“That’s why I’m clear: Labour will fight the next election on economic growth.

“There is no task more central to my ambitions for Britain than making the country and its people better off.”

He added: “Rebooting our economy is the way we will define our task in government.

“And it will ask searching questions of my party and our instincts. We can’t be like the Tories – clinging to the old ideas, trapped in our history.

“To give Britain the fresh start it needs we need a new approach. My goal is straightforward: to maximise the contribution we all make to national prosperity. Every business, every person, every community.”

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