SNP in crisis: Tories launch fightback plan to finally END Sturgeon’s control of Scotland

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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has unveiled a plan to fight back against the Nicola Sturgeon’s dominance in Scotland. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Ross said that both an SNP majority in the 2021 election and Scottish independence “are not inevitable”. Recent polls suggest a majority of Scots are now in favour of independence.

Mr Ross delivered a passionate defence of the union in his speech to the Conservative party conference on Saturday.

He told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge this morning: “This speech is a wake-up call to the party.

“This was remind everyone that we are Conservatives and Unionists. We are the strongest unionist party in Scotland.

“We are the only ones who can defeat the SNP and put a brake on their demands for another independence referendum.”

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He explained: “But our message is not helped by those south of the border who think that this is a foregone conclusion. It is not.

“They don’t look at the SNP’s record. They have had 13 years in power and our education system and standards are going backwards.

“We need to do far more to support our NHS, to get on top of crime, to support the local economy because the national economy is stagnating.

“These are the issues we should focus on, instead of working with the separatists message to take Scotland out of the UK.

“We have had a policy of devolving and forgetting. We need to change that mindset across government departments.

“Two million Scots backed Scotland remaining part of the union just six years ago.

“The UK Government pass on significant funding – £6.5bn in this coronavirus pandemic – and then they forget. The UK and Scottish Government need to work together more.”


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In his speech to the party conference, Mr Ross called on his party to end the “defeatism and disinterest” regarding the country’s future in the UK.

The Moray MP said: “Too many treat Scottish independence as a question of when, not if.

“They question why Scottish interests should be put first, if Scotland won’t always be around.

“An SNP majority is not inevitable. Independence is not inevitable.

“It is time for the whole Conservative Party to rediscover its unionism and get behind us. This is a fight we can win.”

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