So generous!’ Sturgeon mocked over £1m climate pledge — ‘is this a joke?

Nicola Sturgeon pushes independence again at COP 26

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The First Minister made the announcement at a meeting in Cop26’s Green Zone on Monday, echoing leaders such as Boris Johnson who have committed money to combat climate change. However, Ms Sturgeon was skewered for the Scottish Government’s small offer, with some mockingly describing the offer as “so generous”.

Speaking at meeting of the Global Citizens Assembly on Monday, Ms Sturgeon said the £1m will come from the Scottish Government’s £6 million-a-year Climate Justice Fund.

She said: “Through our work on climate justice, Scotland continues to proudly support nations which – despite having done the least to cause climate change – are already suffering its impact.

“We don’t have the resources of other western governments, but we can lead by example.

“And so I’m pleased to announce that not only are we doubling our climate justice fund to £24 million – we’re also entering into a partnership with the Climate Justice Resilience Fund to support communities and address loss and damage, supported by this £1 million investment.

“I hope this will galvanise other organisations to support the partnership – and show world leaders that where small nations lead they can follow, by making similarly ambitious commitments during Cop26.”

TalkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer skewered the contribution from Ms Sturgeon’s Government.

She said on Twitter: “Ooh, a whole £1million for the rest of the world to share out. Wow, soooo generous, Nicola.”

GB News’ Tom Harwood also questioned whether the First Minister’s offer was “a joke”.

He noted: “That’s almost £6,579 per developing country.”

Other social media users took issue with the pledge.

Craig Hoy, Tory MSP for South Scotland, said on Twitter: “Hardly worth the effort of the press release I am afraid First Minister.”

Fraser Nelson, from the Spectator, said of the matter: “Foreign aid is spent at a UK level, with our collective payments amongst the highest in the world.

“The money Sturgeon handles is intended for domestic issues, like Glasgow having the worst drugs death problem in the developed world.”

At Cop26, Mr Johnson said the world stood at “one minute to midnight”, facing catastrophe if it failed to act on climate change.

He warned the “anger and impatience” of the world’s population will be “uncontainable” if the leaders did not “get real” over the coming two weeks about the dangers they face.

The Prime Minister added: “The clock is ticking to the furious rhythm of hundreds of billions of pistons and turbines and furnaces and engines with which we are pumping carbon into the air faster and faster… quilting the Earth in an invisible and suffocating blanket of CO2, raising the temperature of the planet with a speed and an abruptness that is entirely man-made.”

Mr Johnson said a 2C rise in global temperatures would see crops wither and locusts swarm, while at 3C there would be a fivefold increase in droughts with wildfires and cyclones more common.

At 4C “we say goodbye to whole cities – Miami, Alexandria, Shanghai – all lost beneath the waves”.

The Prime Minister also announced the UK will double its aid-funded green investments to more than £3billion over five years, with new guarantees to support clean infrastructure projects.

The Scottish Greens however accused the UK of failing to live up to its commitments to the Global South.

Maggie Chapman MSP, Scottish Greens international development spokesperson, said: “It’s quite remarkable that, having slashed its international aid spending, Boris Johnson’s Government now wants credit for how that budget is spent.

“At a time when the impacts of the climate crisis are being felt most profoundly in the global south the UK’s failure to live up to its aid commitments is appalling and no amount of greenwashing from the Tories can cover that up.”

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