So much for friends! Fury as EU taunts UK for missing out on Covid funds– Its OUR money

Vaccine row: European Union warned about contracts by Wallace

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In a snide attack against the UK, Thierry Breton single market commissioner for EU also claimed Brexit had now weakened Britain. Without mentioning the clashes within the EU over the coronavirus recovery fund, Mr Breton boasted added the UK will find it difficult to act on its own and not part of a 27-member bloc. Commenting on Mr Breton’s attack over the recovery fund, readers criticised the attack against the UK.

One said: “We might have received £45billion but then again we would have had to pay 100 billion to be in the scheme plus our usual membership fee to fund their little Stalinist utopia, plus funding all their failed vaccine purchases. No thanks.”

A second said: “£45billion of borrowed money I guess the UK would repay that plus interest as well as the French share thanks but no thanks.”

Another added: “Yeah we could have had £45billion, of our own money after we paid 100 billion in to cover the poorest of the nation’s in the EU.”

A fourth added: “We would have benefited from £45billion and then had to pay back 600billion to cover all the EU countries with their hands out.”

To cover the economic chaos caused by the pandemic, EU leaders agreed on a huge €750billion (£641billion) plan last year.

This plan was also aligned with the upcoming multi-year framework budget which amounted to €1.074trillion (£855billion).

While vast, €390billion (£333billion) of the EU recovery fund will be made up of grants to member states.

This had been one of the major sticking points during negotiations as more frugal states, such as the Netherlands and Austria, had called for the fund to be compiled of repayable loans rather than cash injections.

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Despite freeing up money for EU states, member states must put forward proposals as to how states will spend the money.

According to prices from 2018, Italy and Spain are set to be the biggest beneficiaries from grants with €84.86billion (£71billion) and €71.28billion (£60billion) respectively.

Leaders had also attempted to link a mechanism forcing states to abide by the EU’s values in order to receive funding.

However, the link between rule of law principles to states such as Hungary was replaced by a move to design new budgetary safeguards.

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Despite agreeing on the fund, Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez said the money would create further integration and move towards a federal union.

Mr Sanchez said: “It has accelerated European integration towards a future United States of Europe.”

Commenting on the fund, Ursula von der Leyen EU Commission President warned economies across the bloc must recover quickly.

Although vaccination programmes have now ramped up, Ms von der Leyen claimed money must now be invested rapidly.

She said: “It is now essential that our economy, which was badly hit by the pandemic, also recovers rapidly.

“And we have just entered a crucial phase for our recovery and for the future of our Union.

“We have 750 billion euros, from our NextGenerationEU recovery plan, which we need to invest rapidly.

“This will boost our social market economy and power our unique single market.

“It will enable Europe to come out stronger from the crisis.”

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