Starmer demands ‘overarching inquiry’ into Boris Johnson’s conduct ‘Public is very upset!’

Starmer calls for ‘overarching inquiry’ into allegations

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Following a string of allegations against Prime Minister Boris Johnson in recent weeks around “sleaze”, comments and malpractice in Downing Street, Labour leader Keir Starmer demanded an “overarching inquiry”. Sir Keir said Boris should “go on the public record” and answer whether or not he made a comment about letting “the bodies pile high” instead of immediately agreeing to a second lockdown. The latest demand from Sir Keir comes as the Prime Minister fights off a string of allegations made by former aide Dominic Cummings.

Sir Keir said: “This just gets worse day after day with fresh allegations of sleaze and now of corruption and of some pretty awful things being said about ‘bodies being piled high’.

“We need a number of things to happen. First, we need an overarching enquiry that can get to the bottom of this and having got to the bottom of it, can then put in place some recommendations to change the rules.”

He went on to demand that Mr Johnson goes on “the public record” to determine whether or not he made an alleged comment about letting ‘the bodies pile high in their thousands’ instead of plunging the UK into a second lockdown, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Labour leader explained he was making this demand of the Prime Minister “because I think lots of families who have lost someone during this pandemic will be very, very upset to see this latest example of squabbling at the top of Government.”

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Sir Keir continued by saying: “But I have no time for the Prime Minister and others who say, ‘look we may be up to no good but with a bit of luck the public won’t notice.’”

“Because that is what it is, ‘let’s sweep it under the carpet, let’s not deal with these allegations, let’s pretend there is nothing there’.”

Sir Keir slammed: “That is so disrespectful and contemptuous of the British public!”

Boris Johnson hit back at the claims, saying the comments are “not true” and a “comedy chapter” in the ongoing Westminster allegations scandal which spiralled out of control following a blog post by former aide Dominic Cummings.

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The latest allegations come as Prime Minister Johnson has come under huge pressure over the last few days after he accused former aide Dominic Cummings of leaking text messages between him and British business owner James Dyson from March last year.

The texts were in relation to a ventilator deal Mr Johnson was trying to secure as the country was engulfed by a shortage of breathing equipment at the height of the pandemic.

Within the texts, James Dyson appeared to request a change to the tax system which would see workers returning to the UK be penalised by the tax system.

Mr Cummings categorically denied he had anything to do with the leak of the messages in a blog post to his website but went on to fire back a separate allegation that Mr Johnson wanted Tory donors to “secretly pay for the renovation” of his Number 10 Downing Street flat.


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On Saturday, former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell told LBC in a damming brand of the Prime Minister said “this is what happens when you elect a Prime Minister without a moral compass!”

He added: “What is Johnson doing today running around trying to deal with this situation entirely of his making, his judgement to bring Cummings in, his judgement to let Carrie use Tory party donors money to do up the flat.

“I hope it ends with a Labour government getting rid of these sleaze bags and getting this cesspit cleared out!”

And in a stinging conclusion, Mr Campbell said: “And by the way, they’re now saying Johnson has paid for this, well show us the proof because I don’t believe them!”

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