Sturgeon and SNP’s independence plot dismantled by Galloway with brilliant Brexit slapdown

George Galloway: More people voted for Brexit than the SNP

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George Galloway highlighted that more people voted to leave the European Union during the 2016 Brexit referendum than voted for the SNP in the May 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election. The political commentator also mocked Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to secure a majority of SNP MSPs in Holyrood in both of the two election campaigns she has lead.

Mr Galloway said: “Alex Salmond handed Nicola Sturgeon a Parliamentary majority, the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood.

“But Nicola Sturgeon has now twice thrown the majority away.

“Most of the people who voted on Thursday in Scotland voted against the separatist SNP.

“More people voted for pro-union parties than for the SNP.

“In fact, more people voted for Brexit than for the SNP in Scotland.”

On Monday, ITV’s Susanna Reid slammed the SNP’s Ian Blackford after he claimed the party’s Holyrood election victory was a mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The SNP won their fourth consecutive Scottish Parliamentary election, falling just one seat short of an overall majority in Holyrood.

However, the Good Morning Britain host pointed to the fact the Conservative Party and the Welsh Labour Party also saw success in the May elections, highlighting the support for the current Government across the UK rather than a desire for independence.  

IndyRef2: Susanna Reid grills Ian Blackford

Ms Reid said: “It looks like people have voted for the leaders that have been in charge.

“We have seen that with Labour in Wales, we have seen that with Boris Johnson in England and we have seen that with Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland.

“This was not a vote for independence, the polls do not show overwhelming support for independence.”


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Mr Blackford replied: “I don’t think anyone can be mistaken Susanna that the SNP stands for Scottish independence.

“It was front and centre of our election campaign.”

He added: “What we are talking about is having that independence referendum after we come out of this crisis.

“We are not talking about doing it before it.”

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