Sturgeon has no legal ability to impose travel bans across UK rages GB News Dan Wootton

Nicola Sturgeon: 'No legal ability' to impose restrictions says host

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton has slammed Nicola Sturgeon for imposing travel bans on parts of the UK. Mr Wootton told a panel of guests that the SNP leader held no “legal ability” to set out such measures. He suggested the bans, which have seen people in parts of England barred from entering Scotland, were part of a “ploy” by Ms Sturgeon to advance the cause of Scottish independence. 

Mr Wootton told GB News: “She keeps imposing travel bans between parts of the UK which she actually has no legal ability to do.

“I am sorry I will not accept that this is just not part of her ploy to advance an independence agenda.”

He added: “There is something Sturgeon is going to miss with this pandemic is over right.

“Because it plays to her base seemingly being able to impose a sort of non-existent border between Scotland and parts of England.”

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Panelist Andrew Doyle added: “That is one thing about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is they like imposing control over the citizens.

“I think for the SNP the idea of the nanny state is more of an aspiration.

“They do all these sorts of, minimal pricing for alcohol, ban on two for one pizza.

“They have a real authoritarian streak,” added the comedian and conservative commentator.

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It comes after the Scottish First Minister imposed a coronavirus travel ban stopping people in areas of northern England from travelling into Scotland. 

Last Sunday the Labour mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burham lambasted the decision as “simply wrong” during an interview with Andrew Marr on BBC.

Mr Burnham told Andrew Marr: “I mean why can’t a couple from Salford who are double jabbed, who are about to go on a walking holiday in Scotland and not be able to go.

“I mean it is completely disproportionate in my view. We could have come up with a different arrangement if the First Minister had been in touch with us. 

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“But the second thing I will say to her is we need an arrangement here, the Scottish Government can’t just impose things on parts of the North of England with no discussion with us.

Mr Burnham added: “We need to be careful about the way we manage things going forward.

“I was really disappointed on Friday that the First Minister of Scotland announced out of the blue a travel ban, saying people in Scotland couldn’t travel to Manchester and Salford, and the other way around too.

“That is exactly what the SNP always cause the Westminster Government of doing. Just riding roughshod over people. The SNP are treating the north of England with the same contempt in bringing that in without any consultation.”

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