Sturgeon warning: Scotland told EU ‘do not want you’ as UK set for Brexit fishing triumph

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During an interview with, Paul Lines told the SNP leader that as part of Great Britain Scotland should follow the UK Government led by Boris Johnson. The chairman of Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance also issued a warning to Ms Sturgeon stating the European Union would not want an independent Scotland as part of their trading bloc. 

Mr Lines said: “Scotland has got a devolved Government but I can assure you that Scotland in Europe would be an absolute abject failure.”

He added: “Europe do not want them, they have told them they do not want them.

“As far as I can see she is part of Great Britain, we have got a Government in Great Britain and that is called Boris Johnson’s Government, he speaks for the Union, she does not.

“She keeps coming out with stupid things of what she would like, they are wish lists.

“She has got no power, no control, she has got nothing.” 

During the same interview, the British fisherman also declared the UK is set to regain its “former greatness” following the completion of the post-Brexit transition period.

He outlined that during his 45 years as a fisherman he has only seen the demise of the British sector.

Mr Lines backed the UK to return to its former glory and replace their European competition as the dominant force in the industry. 

He said: “Britain stands to regain some of its former greatness.

“I have been in fishing for 45 years and all I have ever seen is the demise of fishing, I have seen half of our fleet cut up.

“I have seen days where the sea comes in and restricts what you do.

“I have seen quotas fall to the point where we have got one vessel left.

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“What we have got left we struggle to get a living from.”

He added: “We gave it all away to be part of Europe, now we want it back.

“We want to see their boats cut up, we want to see their new modern fleet gone because we want that.

“As a country we have got to have that, if we are going to survive on our own, we have got to have everything that we can bring to play to make money.”

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