Tipping point Boris as unpopular as Blair as lockdown protesters block London streets

Exclusive: Right Said Fred attends anti-lockdown march

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The vocal anti-lockdown protesters joined thousands of others in central London earlier today in anger at vaccine passports and other measures imposed amid a spike in cases of the Omicron variant. The band – which consists of brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass – have dismissed claims they are anti-vaxxers, insisting jabs are a matter of personal choice.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the brothers suggest Boris Johnson’s actions during the past 18 months had made him the “most unpopular politician since Tony Blair”.

They joined thousands of others – including top football agent Barry Silkman – in central London on Saturday to oppose incoming measures.

Fred said: “We think it is good for people to gather together. It’s an incremental build-up of pressure on the Government.

“Whether they take any notice of it or not is kind of irrelevant because it’s the people that matter, not the Government.

“So if enough people are disillusioned, if enough people are annoyed, it doesn’t matter if it affects the Government – the march itself.

“That’s why we go.”

He added: “There is anti-Johnson stuff everywhere on this march.

“He’s the least popular politician probably since Tony Blair and I get the feeling that he’s a disgrace for the country.”

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Richard added: “It’s coming to a tipping point.

“The marches over the last two years have served to support the people who turned up but I’m not sure how much they’ve affected actual Government policy.

“I think we’re getting very close to the point where this actually has to start changing.”

Richard went onto claim: “One of the things I found about Johnson that’s most amazing, and Westminster in general, is that fundamental principles like freedom of conscience, bodily integrity, liberty, privacy, all these things that you would assume would have been automatic for so many MPs are dismissed as if they are irrelevant.

“To me that is wrong. I don’t have a problem if people are vaccinated – that is entirely up to them.

“Just don’t tell me what to do – that’s all I’m saying.”

They spoke as it emerged the NHS forecast that, nationally, there will be 230,000 new cases of PTSD as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone from social and health care to the loved ones of COVID-19 victims will be affected.

Rehab Clinic helps people rebuild their lives and revealed that demand has “skyrocketed” during the pandemic.

A spokesperson said that it has “never been more important to safeguard your mental health”.

They added: “As we emerge from the pandemic it is vital that people focus on looking after themselves and others – both physically and mentally”.

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