Truss’s Brexit plan ‘dead before arrive’

UK 'hasn't properly Brexited yet' says Ben Habib

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Liz Truss’s Brexit plan has been blasted as “dead before arrival” after she employed “useless Europhile” Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor. A leading Brexiteer insisted the Prime Minister’s plan for Britain outside of the EU now has “no chance of delivering reform”.

Parliament currently appears riddled with plots – perhaps more than ever – as Tory MPs begin discussing their options for getting the Prime Minister out of office, at least two of them publicly.

In the Lords, reports suggest members have also been gathering to scupper the Government’s Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

Introduced by then-Foreign Secretary Ms Truss earlier this year, the Bill seeks to fix the “practical problems” that the post-Brexit treaty has caused in Northern Ireland.

Some Lords, apparently from a range of political parties, are determined to quash the Bill, with some arguing it would be wrong to risk threatening a negotiated settlement which is apparently around the corner.

One told the Guardian it would be wrong to “bulldoze ahead” ahead with the legislation given the “smoke signals that there is a better prospect of a negotiation between both sides”.

Former Brexit Party MEP previously pronounced these peers had revealed either “extreme naivety or a wilful desire to damage our country”.

He told “I doubt it is the former. These Peers habitually undermine our national interest. In this case they wish to surrender over part of the country to a foreign power. They are not fit for office.”

But the pro-Brexit businesses man has since turned his head directly towards Downing Street, insisting the story is now “much worse than it was before”.

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Following the appointment of former-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor, Mr Habib told “Truss has been captured by her Tory wets”.

He added: “She’s without political capital. Hunt is a useless Europhile.”

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The Brexit Watch Chairman said that, with this in mind, “I think the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill now has no chance of delivering reform to the Protocol”.

He described the legislation as “dead before arrival”.

That the fate of the Protocol Bill appears to be sealed is, Mr Habib added, nothing short of “tragic”.

He said: “Northern Ireland should never have been put at risk. And having put it at risk, it was eminently rescuable. But we have had successive governments that care not for the province.

“There are no votes for the Tory Party in Northern Ireland. They see it as a deficit economy; a troublesome burden.

“If Northern Ireland is lost, as increasingly looks likely, the blame would lie squarely with Westminster and the Conservative and Unionist Party.” approached the Government for comment.

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