Vladimir Putin warned of alarming war parallel dooming his to fall Tapped him out

Ukraine: Phil Jones predicts war will end with Putin being ousted

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Editor of Jeremy Vine on 5, Phil Jones sat down on the show to discuss the current crisis in Ukraine. Mr Jones spoke of Russian President Putin being removed by other high rankings Russians who hold power seats in the country. The Television editor explained that Putin has taken it too far, and compared him to the dictator Khrushchev who sent missiles to Cuba in the early sixties. Mr Jones said that everyone needs to start thinking about how the invasion will end, and what will be Putin’s fate for his crimes against Ukraine.

Mr Jones said: “I do think that we should think about how this ends, we should think about…

“And it’s probably only going to end one way when powerful people in Russia like the head of the army and the people around Putin come and tap him on the shoulder.

“I know you like your history, if we go back to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962,  and Khrushchev was behaving a bit like Putin was.

“Put missiles into Cuba and at the end of it all, although we didn’t thank God there was no world war three.

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Ms Jones added: “A few months later the men in grey suits came and tapped Khrushchev on the shoulder and he was removed.

“And they put boring old Brezhnev on… In power.

“And I think that’s what going to happen, and I think we all need to, all of us but particularly our political leaders need to think how is this going to end?”

Taras Kuzio an expert in Ukrainian political, economic and security said something similar on GB News.

Mr Kuzio said: “[Putin] has become more dictatorial and more politically repressing and has put more people in jail. 

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“The popularity of him and his rule has already been in decline and I suspect this will increase that. 

“I don’t think this is a popular war and I think the sanctions will also lead to a speeding up of the decline of Russia as a great power. 

“Russia was already different to China as China was a rising power and Russia was a declining power.” 

Mr Kuzio added: “For him, it will end badly as it always does for dictators.”

Alexander Stubb, Finland’s former Prime Minister said it was over for Putin when asked for his comments on the current crisis in Ukraine.

Mr Stubb said: “I think that this has to be the beginning of the end of President Putin – otherwise Russia will not come back to the sphere of international relations and countries like Finland and Sweden will have to draw their conclusions: is it safer to be outside or inside or Nato?”

“The paradox of Putin’s strategy is that what he’s doing is leading to exactly what he doesn’t want happening – unification of the west, a western leaning Ukraine, the isolation of Russia and the rejuvenation of Nato – a full Nato membership of both Finland and Sweden.”

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