‘We are FREE from EU’s dead hand!’ Rees-Mogg praises UK as Brussels drags feet on vaccine

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Jacob Rees-Mogg celebrated the UK’s “freedom from the dead hand” of the European Union as he branded them as “sniffy”. This comes after the UK medical regulator, MHRA, officially approved the Pfizer-BioNtech coronavirus vaccine. The Leader of the House of Commons said Britain should be “really proud” and pointed to countries like Germany and France who are lagging behind.

He said: “As regards Brexit and the vaccine, the UK should be really proud that our regulator got in first.

“We notice that the European regulator’s a bit sniffy about it, wishes that we hadn’t done it.

“Germany, France and other European countries haven’t managed to do the same thing – we have and we’re leaving.

“We are now free of the dead hand of the EU, and will be even freer from that on January 1. It is a huge British success.”

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