Weak and wobbly! Iain Duncan-Smith brutally slap down Germany over buckling on Russia

Iain Duncan-Smith in brutal put down of Germany

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Conservative MP Iain Duncan-Smith has laid into Germany over Berlin’s reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s threats to cut off supplies of natural gas. Germany has been seen as reluctant to join other European powers in condemning the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine. The German economy is hight dependent on Russian supplied gas. 

GB News host Nigel Farage asked Mr Duncan-Smith: “Is China a bigger threat than Putin?”

Mr Duncan-Smith replied: “We now have…originally Russia dominated China in world politics it has gone around the other way.

“What’s happening is China’s watching this Ukraine saga to see how we react.

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“We’ve seen Germany go weak and wobbly on us because of their dependence on gas.”

He added: “The UK to be fair is leading on this but the key question is here, they watch if we don’t settle this, China will see Taiwan as the next step.

“This is our problem they are all together on this, and if you add in Belarus you then start to look at what happens in Iran when Iran sees the same.

“You’re getting this axis.”

Nigel Farage calls out Germany over Russia response

It comes after Mr Farage himself called out Germany for taking a “softball” approach to the Kremlin because of Berlin’s economic dependency on Russian-supplied gas. 

Mr Farage told Fox News on Tuesday: “There’s actually a huge division amongst the West that it comes on two levels.

“The first is in Europe, where Germany has a completely different position on Russia and Ukraine, to that that is held by Poland, Estonia, the Baltic countries.


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“That is because Germany has made itself almost wholly dependent on Russian gas.

“If Putin turns off the gas supply, the German car industry closes down overnight.”

“So Germany is really playing softball with this one,” added the former Brexit Party leader. 

“Whilst the other countries, particularly those that are bordering the Russian Federation, are much more nervous and want greater action.”

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