Why wont you tell me?! Ferrari erupts at Williamson as he dodges A-Level result probe

Nick Ferrari grills Gavin Williamson over his A-level results

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Nick Ferrari has grilled Gavin Williamson on LBC after the Education Secretary refused to divulge what A-level results he received. Students across the UK today found out their grades with record numbers receiving A and A* grades. However, Mr Williamson dodges repeated attempts from Mr Ferrari to share his own grades leading the LBC host to jokingly ask whether it is a “state secret.”

Ferrari asked the Education Secretary: “How did you fare?” 

Mr Gavinson avoided revealing his marks but said he remembered: “Seeing the grades on there and feeling absolute delight.”

“Never mind that, what were they?,” blasted the LBC host.

After being pressed numerous times for an answer Mr Williamson said: “It was so long ago, it was 27-years ago…”

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Ferrari went on to mockingly ask whether the Education Secretary’s grades were a “state secret.”

“I’ve forgotten, it was so long ago,” Mr Williamson argued back.

It comes students across Britain celebrated a set of record-breaking A-level results.

This year has seen a 40 percent increase in  A* or A grades on 2020 with half of the students receiving either result.

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Mr Williamson said: “Students have worked very hard in what has been an extraordinary and challenging year, and each and every one of them should feel incredibly proud of their achievements.

We should all celebrate their resilience and ability to overcome adversity,” he said.

He added: “Teachers and staff have ensured that, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, all students are able to get grades this year and so can take their next steps and make their choices about further study or entering the workplace.

“I am hugely grateful to teachers and also parents for supporting our young people in progressing to the next stage in their lives with confidence.”

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Earlier on Tuesday Mr Williamson was forced to respond to claims from the Chief examiner for the AQA examination board that he had “washed his hands of A-level results.”

Mr Williamson told GMB: “We certainly have not washed our hands of these results. It’s about getting a system that’s right and fair.

“It’s not as if children haven’t gone through an immense amount of assessment, but we had to make a decision as to whether we were going to assess children on the curriculum or make an assessment of what they had actually been taught in their class. 

“To me, the only fair route was the route of making an assessment on what they’d actually been taught that meant that we weren’t able to go down our preferred route which would be examination, this is an exceptional year, it’s unlike any other year. But I believe this is the right thing for children.” 

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