You have failed! Robert Peston shames Boris Johnson as PMs COP26 goal collapses

Boris Johnson shamed for ‘failing’ to meet COP26 targets

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The ITV political editor held no punches as he launched at Boris Johnson as it was revealed that COP26 countries have promised only half the required cuts to greenhouse gases in order to keep global warming to 1.5C by 2030.

Mr Peston hammered: “As of now you have failed to keep 1.5 alive! What can you do in the remaining days to rescue it?

The Prime Minister hit back, saying “I agree with you, I think it is in the balance.

“If I had to define where we have been in the last few days: we had a surge of activity in the first few days, things moved, there was a feeling of life under the keel.

“We are now finding things are tough.”

Despite the change in tone of the climate summit talks, he was adamant that “does not mean it is impossible” as he kept the hope alive of keeping global warming to 1.5C by 2030.

Mr Johnson added: “I think with sufficient energy and commitment.

“And with leaders from around the world now ringing up their negotiators to move in the ways they know they can move and should move… I still think we can achieve it.

“But I am not going to pretend to you by any means it is a done deal.”

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