Abattoir worker gets trapped in meat grinder in front of horrified colleagues

An abattoir worker who was agonisingly trapped in a meat grinder for more than two-and-a-half hours has suffered serious injuries to both his legs.

Rescue teams rushed to the meat processing plant in Young, in south-west New South Wales, Australia, today, October 20, at 9.30am local time, reports Mail Online.

The 32-year-old victim was put into an induced coma before being flown to hospital in Canberra, where his condition was serious but stable.

Ambulances, paramedics and a doctor rushed to the scene, where firefighters and paramedics desperately worked to free the man.

The ambulance service’s Inspector Stephen Pollard said it was a complicated rescue operation.

He said: “It must have been really hard for the patient, who was in a fair bit of pain before paramedics arrived. We gave him some relief and then began the task of getting him free.

“It was a particularly delicate and protracted incident to free the man from the machinery, which was about five metres off the ground on a platform.

“He was stuck for a long time but his colleagues were there with him throughout providing physical and mental support. They did a great job.”

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Earlier this year, a factory worker was killed after she was sucked into a giant meat grinding machine in Russia.

Distressing CCTV from the poultry farm in the Kaluga region showed the woman removing and stacking chicken carcasses before her hand became trapped in the rotating conveyor.

She was dragged and sucked into the grinder before another colleague managed to stop the machine.

In late 2019, a 47-year-old in Malaysia died after he fell into an industrial meat grinder that shredded him up to his waist.

He was carrying out maintenance with three other men when he fell into the machine and it was suddenly turned on.

And in 2019, Jill Greninger, 35, was killed instantly when she fell into a meat grinder from a set of stairs on wheels in Pennsylvania, in the United States.

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