Adopted son of controversial singer who did sex acts on stage breaks silence

A lad who controversial singer MC Pipokinha calls her “son” has spoken out after an official investigation into her gigs was launched by Brazilian officials.

The São Paulo Public Prosecutor's Office (MPSP) has taken notice of several reports of the kind of X-rated antics pulled by the singer at her shows.

From having oral sex performed on her by a fan on stage to blokes whipping out their manhood and waving it around, it has now emerged that some of those controversial concerts had children present.

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News of the investigation forced the singer, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, to shut down her social media over the last few days.

But backing her up is 14-year-old boy called MC Xangai.

He claims that Pipokinha essentially “adopted” him when he found out the lad's mother was not the best at parenting.

Speaking to the Novapo Podcast, he said: “She kind of adopted me – (I) used to go to her house every morning and practically lived with her.

“Only I had a mother, right, and she was like 'Oh, your mother doesn't take care of you'.

“She pitched the idea, I was excited and she said 'lets go to your place, pack up – I want you there tomorrow, bring your clothes'.”

He admits to telling everyone that he tells them she is his biological mother to “avoid questions”.

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The kid also shed some light on what the controversial singer is like behind closed doors – and it's a far cry from the raunchy yet award-winning performer.

He explained: “She's really nice, she has nothing to do with the character.

“She's the total opposite.

“If you walk with her on a day-to-day basis, you'll see she's totally different.”

Pipokinha does actually have a biological child, a daughter, seven, who she had when she was just 16.

That child is taken care of by the father's grandparents.

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