Adorable golden retriever puppy puts cushion to test while rolling off sofa

A golden retriever has helped his owner to carry out a "cushion test" by rolling on top of them.

Dug, the then three-month-old puppy, from Dallas, Texas, found a way to entertain himself on a sofa while his owner is busy chatting on the phone.

In a clip shared onto the pooch's dedicated Instagram, he keeps a toy around him and lies on the plush cushions on the two-seater sofa.

The playful canine rubs his back against the cushion and sticks his tongue out – giving a seal of approval to the softness of the cushion.

Then Dug moves on to the smell test. He gives a quick sniff around the arm rest area and flops his ear.

It appears that the furry boy approves of the scent as well.

Little Dug looks so content that he is stretching on the couch but as soon as he turns around he finds himself on the floor – right under the table.

His owner, Mili, captioned the moment as "falling into the weekend like".

The post amassed more than 3,000 likes and dog lovers said they couldn't wait to see more of Dug's adventures.

One viewer said: "You clumsy goofball, Dug!"

"Oh Dug fluffy potato good boy playing yourself I can look at you all day!" another added.

A third enjoyed watching Dug and said he performed a "graceful landing".

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