All of Britain to boil as Iberian plume to see 26C heatwave last 10 days

All of Britain is set to boil as an Iberian plume will see temperatures skyrocket to 26C in a heatwave that could last around 10 days.

Weather maps seen by show a wave of heat on its way to the UK as the country moves from August to September and the end of the summer.

Unlike last year, this year’s summer has not seen the extreme 40-degree temperatures that ravaged the UK.

The weather this year has instead been dominated by overcast skies and heavy bursts of rainfall.

In contrast, Europe has suffered under heatwave after heatwave, sending temperatures close to 50 degrees.

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The weather maps show that between September 2 and September 6, the UK will enjoy a mini heatwave lasting five days.

Areas such as London, East Anglia, and the Midlands will enjoy September temperatures higher than tourist hotspot Barcelona.

While England will enjoy a micro-renaissance in summer temperatures, Wales and Scotland will be a little cooler.

Furthermore, weather experts have said the weather for the rest of September is more uncertain.

Speaking to the Express earlier this week, Met Office spokesperson Graham Madge said: “At this stage, signals suggest a typical mix of conditions in September, with more unsettled conditions more likely in the northwest, and drier conditions further south and east, though large local variations are possible.

“A westerly flow of weather for the UK is most likely, with a mix of drier spells as well as interludes of rain through the month, as you’d normally expect. Temperatures are likely to be near-average at the start of the month.”

The Met Office long-range forecast is predicting an “unsettled” spell between August 30 and September 8. They said: “Although uncertainty increases, the following couple of days seems likely to see showers or longer spells of rain affect many areas with breezy conditions in places.

“Temperatures are likely to be near or a little below average, although perhaps feeling rather humid in the south.

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They added: “Further ahead, generally changeable conditions are likely to continue, with the wettest and windiest conditions perhaps towards the north and west, while the south and east is most favoured to see drier, brighter spells.

“However, occasional showers or spells of rain are possible anywhere. Temperatures remaining near or slightly below average.”

Despite uncertainty over September’s weather, the momentary rise in temperature could be a perfect opportunity for a trip to one of the hundreds of seaside towns that line Britain’s coastline.

This weekend, thousands of families have travelled to the country’s outer reaches to enjoy the August bank holiday.

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