All signs pointing to tensions at Harry and Williams reunion, expert claims

As Prince William and Prince Harry prepare to meet each other this week "all signs are pointing to tensions," a royal commenter has suggested.

Royal Family fans may have their hopes of reconciliation between the two brothers dashed as Australian columnist Danielle Elser suggests that neither side is "showing any sign of relenting."

Royal sources have reportedly spoken out about the family being 'anxious' for upcoming proceedings that will see the two brothers meet for the first time since Prince Philip's funeral.

Ms Elser says that "there are already warning signs of a new disaster erupting" at the ceremony she calls the "most high-stakes periods in recent royal history."

William and Harry will be standing side by side for the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue on Thursday, falling on what would have been her 60th birthday.

"For anyone out there harbouring any naive notions this princely reunion might amount to some bridge-building, or anyone who is tempted to start throwing around the word 'healing', then I have some very bad news for you," Ms Elser writes for

"Going into this week, all signs are pointing to tensions between the princes remaining as bowstring tense as they have been for years now, with neither side showing any sign of relenting."

She expresses doubt that the feuding brothers will have any kind of friendly reconciliation at the much-anticipated event, instead claiming it will be "nothing short of a miracle" if they can get through it without any PR disasters.

"What should have been a powerful and touching gesture from the Wales brothers, the project, conceived to honour their mother when the bond between the two men was still largely intact, has now become a powder keg moment in the long and winding clash between the Sussexes and the wider royal family," she writes.

Ms Elser says Harry and Meghan's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey "has only seemed to pour fuel on the underlying anger and hurt" between the brothers.

She added: "No one wants their dirty family laundry aired in front of a global audience of 50 million people, do they now?"

The March interview brought allegations from Meghan Markle that there were “concerns and conversations” within the Royal Family about their son Archie’s skin tone.

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"That was relayed to me from Harry," she said in the interview.

“Those were conversations that family had with him.”

A close friend of both the brothers told The Times that "William is still angry" about the prime time conversation.

They added: “It’s despair, as well as anger."

Ms Elser says that William and Kate have a "small window" to prove the monarchy is a "genuinely positive and valuable institution in the 21st century and not a $158 million waste."

She added the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "need to find a way to draw a line under this whole sordid Sussex mess."

Kensington Palace declined to comment on the situation.

Representatives for the Sussexes have been approached for comment.

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