Alligator in Hurricane Ida struggles to keep head above water in 150mph winds

An alligator was caught on video battling with giant waves in the Mississippi River in the midst of Hurricane Ida.

The category 4 hurricane slammed New Orleans with wind speeds of up to 150mph when it made landfall on Sunday (August 29) but has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Ominous footage of the storm showed "ocean waves in the sky" and one person was killed by a falling tree.

Amid the chaos, somebody filmed an alligator "trying to keep its head above the water" as it swam desperately through the waves.

The reptile keeps poking its snout through the water but it is dragged under by the force of the water time and time again.

Hurricane Ida was so strong the river actually flowed backwards according to CNN, which the US Geological Survey claimed was an "extremely uncommon" phenomenon.

Since it was uploaded and shared on Twitter, the clip has been watched more than 300,000 times.

One worried user commented; "Poor thing. Hope it didn't drown."

"Truly hoping that gator makes it to eat another day," said a second person.

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A third user said: "I always think of gators living in swamps and in stagnant rivers and lakes.

"Not a big river like the Mississippi and especially not in hurricane waves."

Responding to the Twitter thread, Dr Adam Rosenblatt said: "Gators can hold their breath for a long time if necessary, so the waves aren't really a concern.

"If that gator got to a sheltered area of the river it's probably okay."

He added: "It's certainly possible for a gator to drown from exhaustion, but I've never heard of something like that occurring.

"From the video, it's hard to tell where the gator is in the river, so I'm not sure how long it might have had to swim for to get to calmer waters."

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