Amazed owners find missing cat 130 miles away, four months after he disappeared

A cat from the West Midlands which disappeared in May has turned up in Hampshire after hitching a lift in a builder’s van.

Three-year-old Dexter disappeared from his owners’ home in Willenhall four months ago, with his owner, Jo Walker, 43, and her family fearing the worst.

But Jo’s husband, Mark, 45, was stunned when he received a phone call from a vet in Andover telling him that Dexter had been found safe and well.

It is thought that Dexter climbed into the builder’s van, which later stopped at a service station on the M6, where the cat got out.

He is thought to have stayed there for some time before sneaking into another car.

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The driver found Dexter when he got home and took him to a vet to check for a microchip.

That’s when Mark received the phone call and undertook a six-hour round-trip to pick up his feline friend.

His wife, Jo, said: "He went missing at the beginning of May.

"We posted things around the neighbourhood and on social media and didn’t hear anything until the vet phoned to say his microchip had been traced to us.

"That was a bit of shock because he was 130 miles away.

"When Ashleigh (her daughter) heard the call to say he had been found she cried for about 10 minutes.

"We were a bit bewildered as to how he ended up all the way down there, but it was lovely to just know he was okay.

"He looked amazing and is in really good condition. He looks the same old cat."

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