Amazon driver trapped knee-deep sludge after falling into customers septic pit

An Amazon delivery driver went viral after he fell into a customer's septic pit and left trapped 6ft under ground.

Charles Amicangel was doing his delivery round when the ground suddenly collapsed and he fell to a pool of stinky sludge.

After he called for help, he took a video to show viewers of the nasty situation.

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"So I'm delivering to this customer's house and I just fell into a septic tank, I think," he explained.

"I don't know if they were digging it or what, but I walked by it and the ground came out underneath me.

"I'm like 6ft down and I tried using these roots around me to get out and they just pulled more dirt on top of me."

Showing the surroundings on the selfie camera, Charles said his plan was to wait for dispatch to call the police or the fire department to help.

"It's a little bit scary because the walls are caving in on me," he added.

"I'm standing in knee-deep sludge – p*** and s***. I really do not want to die in somebody's whatever you call this thing."

The Amazon worker said he still has about 100 stops to make to deliver all the parcels.

Thankfully, the local fire department sent a helicopter over and dropped a ladder to get Charles out of what they called "a dangerous situation".

His colleague came to take half of his workload off of him so he could finish his delivery route.

TikTok viewers who were following Charles' situation were relieved to know he was rescued.

One said: "No lie, if I was your boss and heard this situation I’m coming to check on you myself. Forget about finishing the route."

Another tagged Amazon in the comments and asked the company to give Charles a pay raise.

"You should get blood work done to make sure you didn’t contract hepatitis or so other waste borne illnesses," a third suggested.


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