Amish incest brothers who raped sister, 12, and got her pregnant are spared jail

Two brothers who gang-raped their sister, 12, and got her pregnant have been spared jailed to avoid being "eaten alive" by inmates.

The Amish siblings, along with their two other brothers, raped the young girl but walked free from court.

Despite the horrific charges, Aaron Schwartz, 22, and Petie Schwartz, 18, were handed 10 year suspended prison sentences as part of a plea agreement in Missouri this month.

The two other brothers were not charged of any crime due to their age, reports Metro.

A plea deal resulted in the brothers also receiving five years probation.

Prosecutor Ben Berkstresser said: "These two young men would’ve been eaten alive in the state prison system… ‘Previously, I’ve been very harsh on the Amish when they’ve been charged with crimes of this nature…

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"In this instance, these two boys are very immature relative to their respective ages. Maturity wise, they are much younger than their age."

According to the prosecutor, the Amish community said they had inflicted "very severe" punishments on the brothers.

However, these punishments are not specified, reports Webster County Citizen.

The decision to let the siblings walk free from court has caused anger and backlash.

Alongside the suspended sentence, the brothers have been given 100 hours community service and $250 fine each.

They are also required to write a letter explaining how their children would be protected from abusers like themselves.

After the 12-year-old girl went to the doctor about her pregnancy, the police were alerted.

She gave birth to the baby earlier this month when she had turned 13.

The Schawrtz brothers have also been put on the Missouri sex offenders' register for life, and risk facing jail if they fail to complete the state’s sex offender treatment program within the next 12 months.

The Amish people are a group of traditionalist Christians known for their simple living and plain dressing. They also avoid adopting modern technology.

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