Anger as bagpiper gets pushed onto ground by police on Remembrance Day

This is the shocking moment a police officer appears to push a bagpiper to the ground as he plays the bagpipe in front of the officers honouring the fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day.

Video shared on Twitter shows the veteran marching between a line of police officers and the crowd while playing the bagpipe at Whitehall in central London.

A barrier was set up to stop members of the public to visit The Cenotaph.

He appears to be marching from the footpath as a man yells: "Hey, let the veteran through!"

As he is about to make his way back and turns towards the officers, he gets pushed on the ground and falls on his back.

Suddenly, the crowd become enraged and one man is heard shouting: "What the hell? How dare you? You're disgusting!"

The bagpiper appears to be unharmed and gets up to confront the police.

A man tries to de-escalate the situation and separate him from the officers.

In a separate clip live-streamed on YouTube, a police officer is seen explaining to the bagpiper that the group has breached the government's coronavirus rules.

"I've come to say to you that you are in breach of a Covid regulation. We are going to ask you to split up and move on," he said.

The post read: "This is absolutely unforgivable of the Met Police.

"This is a special day for many people, the overreaction and aggression will turn people against them, at a time when they need support and cooperation."

While the bagpiper appears to be walking in the line of police, some viewers pointed out that he was just trying to make a turn.

One explained: "There was a policeman blocking him from going further. He was doing an about-turn like he did when he reached the wall.

"These people are peaceful respecting the fallen and their right to do so."

Another commented: "Disgraceful and needs to be dealt with according to the law, that was assault! With a significant amount of witnesses, no dispute regarding corroboration."

Daily Star Online has contacted Met Police for comment.

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