Angered Harry flew into a rage after Queen denied Meghans wedding request

"Angered" Prince Harry "flew into a rage" after the Queen denied Meghan's wedding request, a royal expert claimed.

Meghan Markle was denied wearing a tiara of her choice on her wedding day, which incensed her husband to be as she wasn't allowed to wear what she desired.

Author Robert Lacey claimed that the Queen "felt that she had to say 'no' to Meghan's first choice of tiara' because of its 'sensitive origins'."

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In his book, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – the Friendship and the Feuds, Mr Lacey alleges that Prince Harry "flew into a rage" and added that "Harry's ignorance of both history and family tradition meant that he had no understanding of this subtlety."

Meghan Markle's first choice was a "beautiful emerald headdress" and had reportedly been placed to the Windsors' "in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution".

After the refusal to use her first choice, Meghan was then loaned Queen Mary's tiara by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The tiara that Meghan wore on her wedding day to Prince Harry was one made for the former Queen Consort, Her late Majesty's grandmother, in 1911.

Queen Mary wore the tiara when she was crowned alongside her husband, King George V.

Mr Lacey stated the incident involving Meghan's tiara had been "unconfirmed by the Palace, but was not denied."

He noted that the Queen's apparent response of "[it] come from Russia " was "code for sensitive origin".

He added that there was "scandal attached to the tiara Meghan desired" and was "seldom, if ever, put on public display".

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