Another holiday destination is up in flames as deadly wildfires ravage Sicily

Another holiday paradise has been turned into hell by the wildfires that erupted following weeks of temperatures above 40C.

Dozens of fires have sparked panic on the Italian island of Sicily over the past few days.

Several pictures and videos show flames devouring the vegetation and rising near homes, blown around by strong winds.

At 1pm BST on Tuesday, the local firefighter coordination centre counted 86 fires across the region.

The blazes in the area of Palermo, the island’s capital, have sparked the evacuation from their homes of some 1500 people while firefighters try to deal with the emergency.

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The wildfires also turned deadly, as the carbonised bodies of two people, believed to be two elderly aged 75 and 77, were found in a house in Fondo D’Orsa, not far from the Palermo airport.

The fires also sparked on July 25 the temporary closure of the site, one of the main entrance points to the island.

The death of another elderly woman was also attributed, albeit indirectly, to the fires, as they slowed down the emergency services and prevented them from reaching her home in time to provide the help she needed.

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Sicily’s president Renato Schifani said support would come from outside the region to quash the wildfires, as he acknowledged on Tuesday the situation remained “very difficult”.

Locals who haven’t been evacuated are urged not to leave their homes unless they truly have to, as the extreme heat combined with the thick smoke generated by the fires could cause heart and respiratory issues.

Calabria, another southern Italian region loved by holidaymakers, is also being affected by dozens of wildfires, focused for the moment in woodland areas.

While southern Italy is engulfed by flames, the northern regions have been battered overnight by a massive hailstorm which devastated homes and warehouses.

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Wildfires have brought several countries in the Mediterranean to their knees, including Croatia, Tunisia, Algeria and Greece.

The Greek island of Rhodes is being particularly affected by the blazes, and it is believed 10 percent of it has already been burnt down.

And forecasters have warned hot and windy conditions are likely to keep fuelling the fires, while locals and tourists alike are evacuating large areas of the island.

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