Apocalyptic footage shows aftermath of devastating California wildfires

Shocking video has emerged of what appeared to be a town ravaged by the devastating wildfires in California.

Thousands of residents were left homeless as the lightning-caused blaze ripped through Berry Creek in the Butte County.

Footage shared on social media captures the ash-filled roads, burnt homes and charred vehicles while desperate rescuers search for their missing relatives.

Homes are obliterated by the fire with nothing left but ash and debris.

An empty shell of a car is seen smouldering and sitting on what it used to be a driveway to homes.

Further down the road left a charred swing where children used to play on.

The entire town was almost burned to the ground, with many structures being destroyed, including the Berry Creek Guild Hall and gas station, according to Action News Now.

The apocalyptic scenes have left Berry Creek residents heartbroken.

Mary Ford was forced to leave her cat at home and flee to safety as she told local media that the firefighters were yelling at her over a megaphone to "get out now".

Her 45-year-old son is still missing, she added.

Another resident, Melody Young, has lost contact with her 49-year-old aunt Kelly Brook.

She said: "We're really worried. She kinda lives on her own. We just haven't heard from her. No one's heard from her."

The North Complex Fire has killed at least nine people, including a 16-year-old boy who was fleeing the area in his vehicle, according to Butte County authorities.

More than a dozen were missing, the sheriff's office said this week.

Wildfires are blamed for at least 27 deaths in California, Oregon and Washington and dozens more are missing.

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