Baby fed wine in notorious video that distressed social media users

A baby appeared to be given wine in a notorious clip that shocked social media users and landed the kid's mum and her mate in court.

The clip, which went viral on Facebook in January last year, shows a baby girl in a high chair being given a red liquid that looks like wine from a bottle.

One of the women puts the bottle in her mouth and the child's head looks to be tilted back by one of the women as she drinks from it.

The little girl, who was less than 18-months-old at the time, appears to grimace and cry after tasting the drink, Daily Record reports.

A woman appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday (August 23) where she admitted to creating the video along with her friend.

The pair, who are both aged in their 20s, originally faced child protection charges over the incident in Midlothian, Scotland, but it was not proven the drink was wine.

Both pled guilty at an earlier hearing to a charge of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by participating in the creation of the video.

Sentencing them on Monday, Sheriff Alistair Noble said: "Plainly you have pled guilty to a charge which is much different to the charge you originally faced.

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"You have each pled guilty to a charge of threatening and abusive behaviour, essentially involving the creation of a video appearing to show [the baby] drinking alcohol although there is no suggestion it was, in fact, alcohol she was given to drink."

He said the pair had admitted leaving viewers of the video "concerned and distressed by what they saw".

Sheriff Noble said "custody wasn’t justified" for the offence.

He sentenced the mum, in whose house the incident was filmed, to 21 months of supervision under a community payback order.

Sheriff Noble said the mum's pal was "the person who administered the drink to the child" and she was put under 12 months of supervision.

The child is now living with a relative of her mother.

In mitigation, the mother's defence agent Ian Tweedie and the friend's defence agent Jennifer Cameron said their clients had suffered from mental health difficulties.

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