Ballerina held gun at girl while sick husband raped her, lawsuit claims

A star ballerina is accused of holding an underage girl hostage and helping her husband rape her.

Former Boston Ballet principal dancer Dusty Button is accused of piling booze onto the girl and taking her back to her gun-filled apartment to be attacked, MailOnline reports.

She is now facing a total of five vile sexual assault allegations, with three more women coming forward in recent days.

The anonymous victim of the gun rape attack is alleged to have been assaulted by Button's husband Mitchell Taylor Button, a dance teacher.

She is described in the lawsuit simply as Jane Doe 100.

Jane Doe 100's lawyer Sigrid McCawley argues her client was filmed by Dusty, who held a gun to her while Mitchell Taylor raped her.

She begged them to stop, but they refused.

Cases accusing Dusty and her husband of vile abuse have rocked the elite dancing world, with more and more female dancer victims coming forward to share their stories.

Dancers Sage Humphries and Gina Menichino came forward to accuse Mitchell of sexual assault on July 28, with Dusty said to have helped her husband in the abuse.

Since then three more women have named Dusty as a sexual abuser herself.

Jane Doe 100 claims she first met Dusty in 2014 while attending Boston-based dance school Urbanity Dance, the Boston Globe reported.

There began a toxic relationship which would lead to Jane Doe 100's cruel ambush attack.

Her age has not been revealed, but the age of consent in Massachusetts – where the crime is alleged to have taken place – is 16.

The apprenticeship program is open to girls 14 and over.

Dusty and Mitchell promised to make her a star before abusing their power, Ms McCawley said.

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The alleged victim, who quit dancing and now lives in remote New Hampshire, said she hopes coming forward to tell her story will encourage others to do the same.

She told 'I am grateful to my fellow dancers for bravely bringing this action and for giving me the courage to come forward and speak out about the abuse I endured.

"Together we can stop the accused — our abusers —- from ever damaging another young, vulnerable dancer."

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