Banker survives eight hours in Arctic cold after helicopter crash kills pilot

A Russian bank executive had a brush with death of action movie proportions when her helicopter crashed en route to a remote weather station.

Alexandra Bogomolova, 36, survived the horrific crash which killed her pilot, as she was delivering food supplies to the Arctic location on Saturday.

She suffered serious injuries but miraculously stayed alive for eight hours in the harsh Arctic cold until rescuers reached the scene.

She is now said to be in a “grave” but “stable” condition with two fractured legs and frostbite.

The helicopter’s pilot Vladimir Volkov, 58, the only other person on board, died in the crash.

The banker remained trapped in the wreckage next to the dead pilot in temperatures of -7C until rescuers arrived.

She was so weak she was unable to summon help.

Pictures from the scene show the helicopter totally destroyed with reports saying her survival was a miracle.

Bogomolova was believed to have been making a voluntary mission to the remote outpost to deliver food supplies to meteorologists at the far-flung weather station.

The Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter was near the end of an 80-mile flight from Naryan-Mar to the Severnoye station at Cape Konstantinovsky when it came down for unexplained reasons.

Mother-of-one Bogomolova is deputy head of of Moscow Industrial Bank in Naryan-Mar, a port that is capital of the Nenets autonomous region in northern Russia.

The rescuers flew her to Nenets Regional Hospital.

Chief doctor Dmitry Kozenkovsaid: "She is conscious.

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“We are doing necessary anti-shock therapy and intensive care, because she sustained serious injuries.

“Her condition is grave but stable.”

She is also known to be an activist with the pro-Vladimir Putin political party United Russia.

Volkov was a well-known local pilot familiar with the extreme conditions of the Arctic.

A criminal case has been opened to examine the cause of the crash.

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